2 thoughts on “What is software design?

  1. I agree.

    Anyhow it looks to me like the definition is a bit down-up biased. What about top-down design? Are you intentionally trying to make a point of down-up over top-down or is it just the other missing half of the definition?

  2. matias.giorgio@gmail.com

    Thanks for your comment, SantiPG.

    Now that I re-read my definition taking your comment into consideration, I think you’re right in the sense that the definition does not reflect top-down design.

    I would not change the entire definition, anyways. I think the first part is still right; when you break down a bigger abstraction, you’re still creating useful abstractions and, probably, combining them. The difference, in my opinion, is that the goal is not to create a bigger abstraction but to define its original behavior as a systemic interaction.

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